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Vintage Military Clothing

Welcome to our section for clothing items we feel have that special vintage military look! Here you will find our wholesale catalogue of vintage military jackets, trousers, tops and more.

Vintage military clothing available to buy in bulk at great prices from GI Surplus.

Here's the products we have in Vintage Military Clothing

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Austrian M65 Combat Jacket

Wholesale Austrian Army combat jackets from GI Su...
British Soldier 95 Shirts - used

Wholesale British military soldier 95 DPM camouflage shirt...

British WWII Battle Dress Jacket (brown)

Wholesale British WWII khaki wool battle dress jacket from GI Surplus, Army ...
Bulgarian Olive Green Heavy-cotton Shirts

Wholesale Bulgarian olive green heavy-cotton shirts from GI Surplus ...

Customised Fur Trimmed Lined DPM Camo Parka

Wholesale Vintage DPM camo parka from GI Surplus, Army a...

NATO Fur Trimmed Vintage Parka

Wholesale NATO fur-trimmed parka from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. Condition Used V...