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In this section you'll find new and used shirts from a range of the worlds military services.

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British WRNS Officers Blouse

Wholesale British WRNS Officer's Blouse from GI Surplus, Army and Military S...

British Soldier 95 Shirts - used

Wholesale British military soldier 95 DPM camouflage shirt...

Bulgarian Olive Green Heavy-cotton Shirts

Wholesale Bulgarian olive green heavy-cotton shirts from GI Surplus ...

Dutch Mustard Thermal Top - Long Sleeve Fleeced

Wholesale Dutch thermal top/undershirt from GI Surplus, Army and Military Su...

French Thermal Norgie Shirts

Wholesale French Thermal Norgie Shirts from GI Surplus, ...

Italian Green Base Layer Thermal Shirt

Wholesale Italian green base layer thermal top from GI Surplus, Army Surplus...
White Fleeced Thermal Top - Button Neck

Wholesale thermal fleece tops from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus Who...

French Desert Camo Shirt/Jacket

Wholesale French Army ...