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Welcome to our new section for genuine and reproduction US/American surplus goods

Here's the products we have in AMERICAN/US ITEMS

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US Woodland Camo BDU Jackets

Wholesale US BDU Woodland camouflaged jackets from GI Surp...
US Woodland BDU Trousers

Wholesale US woodland camouflaged BDU trousers from GI Sur...

US Web Belts

Wholesale US 1 inch web belts from GI Surplus, Military Surplus Wholesaler. ...
US Military Watch Caps

Wholesale US military ...

US Olive Green Scarf

Wholesale US army scarf from GI Surplus, Military Surplus Wholesaler. ...
US Woodland Gore-Tex Over-Trousers

Wholesale US Gore-Tex camouflaged over-trousers from GI Surplus, Army Surplu...

US/British Olive Green Supply Drop Parachutes

Wholesale 28 panel supply-drop parachutes from GI Surplus,...
US Military Balaclavas

Wholesale US army balaclavas from GI Surplus, Military Surplus Wholesaler. ...