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BRAND NEW - never issued

In this section display clothing, equipment, accessories and support kit from our wider catalogue, but none of this has ever been issued for its intended use.

Bulk sales of new military surplus clothing and equipment from GI Surplus, military wholesalers.

Here's the products we have in BRAND NEW - never issued

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Ops Tactical 001

Wholesale Ops Tactical 001 "Climate 6" Leather Boots from ...

Ops Tactical 002

Wholesale Ops Tactical 002 "Climate 6" Leather and Cordura Boots from GI Surplus, Army Surplus...

British Woodland Camouflage Net

Wholesale British army woodland camouflage net high coverage from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus Wholes...

Shaving/Survival Field Mirror

Wholesale Italian Shaving/Survival mirror from GI Surplus, Army and Military...
Czech Army Cold Weather Coat  Olive Green or Grey

Wholesale Czech Army olive green and grey cold-weather coa...

Serbian Camo Parka

Wholesale Serbian army camouflage parkas from GI Surplus, Army Surplu...
French MVP Breathable CCE Camo Parka  new

Wholesale French Army Surplus Moisture Vapour Permeable (similar to Gore-Tex) Parka from GI Surplus, military surplus wholesaler ...

British Army Magnum Scorpion Women's Desert Boots

Wholesale British Army Desert Boots for women from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. Condition ...
Slovakian Army M60 Aluminium Water Bottle

Wholesale Slovakian aluminium water bott...

100% Cotton White Cellular Blankets

Wholesale cellular white 100% cotton blankets from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. Condition ...

British WRNS Officers Blouse

Wholesale British WRNS Officer's Blouse from GI Surplus, Army and Military S...

Italian Olive Commando Jumper/Pullover

Wholesale new Italian woollen commando j...

Belgian Army Heavy Weight Combat Trousers

Wholesale Belgian Army heavyweight olive green combat trousers from GI Surpl...
Belgian Officers Dress Jacket

Wholesale Belgian Offi...