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armour and gas masks

Welcome to the GI Surplus protective clothing, including body armour, NBC clothing and gas masks section. 

Trade only military body armour and protective clothing from GI Surplus.

Here's the products we have in BODY ARMOUR | GAS MASKS | PROTECTIVE CLOTHING

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Stab/Ballistic Body Armour

Wholesale women's stab vest from GI Surplus, Army Surplus ...

Yugoslavian Gas Mask

Wholesale Yugoslavian gas masks from GI Surplus ...
UK Police Riot Protection Set

Wholesale British Police Riot Protection Set from GI Surplus, Army and Military Wholesale Surp...

British Flak Covers - DPM Camo

Wholesale British Military Flak Vest Covers from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Mi...
British Police CBRN protective waterproof suit

Wholesale British Police CBRN waterproof "Peeler' suits from GI Surplus...