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Wholesale genuine army surplus belts, webbing sets and web pouches form around the world available to buy now from GI Surplus, trade only military and government wholesaler.

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Dutch Camo Shovel cover/webbing pouch

Wholesale Dutch military shovel covers/webbing pouch in DPM camouflage pattern from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus Wholesal...
Dutch Camo Water Bottle Pouch

Wholesale Dutch camouflage DPM webbing water-bottle pouch from GI Surplus, Army and Military S...

Danish Canvas Ammo Web Pouch

Wholesale beige canvas vintage Danish army ammunition web pouches from GI Surplus, Army and Mi...
37 Pattern Web Pouch - Pair

Canvas bren gun ammo 37 pattern pouches. ...

Camo General Utility Straps

Wholesale Camo nylon straps with black plastic buckles from GI Surplus, Army...
Dutch DPM Pouches

Wholesale Dutch camo pouches from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. ...

Polyester Utility Strap - with quick release buckle

Wholesale polyester web lashing utility strap with quick-release buckle from...