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GI Surplus online store section for wholesale army surplus combat trousers and military shorts. In this section you will find our catalogue of camouflage combats, BDU's, combat trousers, shorts, coldweather and Gore-Tex trousers, all genuine army clothing from around the world.

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British Army Desert Camouflage Trousers

Wholesale British two-colour desert/sand...

US M65 Woodland Camo Trousers

Wholesale Brand new Ge...

US Woodland Gore-Tex Over-Trousers

Wholesale US Gore-Tex camouflaged over-trousers from GI Surplus, Army Surplu...
Austrian Ripstop Olive Combat Trousers

Wholesale Austrian olive green rip-stop combat trousers from GI Surplus, Arm...

Austrian Olive Combat Trousers

Wholesale Austrian olive green combat tr...
British Desert DPM Camo Shorts

British Desert Dpm Camo Shorts   Condition: New ...

Austrian Olive Green Shorts

Wholesale Austrian olive green shorts fr...
German Flecktarn Camo Shorts

Wholesale German army flecktarn shorts f...

Austrian Olive Ripstop Shorts

Wholesale Austrian olive green rip-stop combat shorts from GI Surplus, Army ...
Belgian Army Heavy Weight Combat Trousers

Wholesale Belgian Army heavyweight olive green combat trousers from GI Surplus, Military Surplus Wholesaler. ...

Belgian Jigsaw Camo BDU Trousers

Wholesale Belgian Army cotton BDU combat trousers from GI ...
British DPM Camo Gore-Tex Trousers

Wholesale British DPM Gore-Tex trousers from GI Surplus, military surplus wholesaler ...

Dutch Air Force Grey Combat Trousers

Wholesale Dutch Air Force 6 pocket combat trousers availab...
German Cold Weather Mountain Trouser

Wholesale German army fur-lined water an...

Swiss Alpenflage Camo Trousers

Wholesale Swiss Alpenflage camo trousers from GI Surplus, ...
Austrian Heavy Weight Trousers (Cold Weather)

Wholesale Austrian Heavy Weight Cold Wea...

Swiss Denim Work Trousers

Wholesale Swiss denim ...
Austrian Khaki Desert Combat Trousers

Wholesale Austrian Army Desert Khaki Ripstop Trousers from GI Surplus, Army ...