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All of the coats we have are shown at the bottom of this page. But as there are so many different types of coats, we have also split this section into several basic types as you can see from the sub-sections immediately below. 

GI Surplus online store has surplus jackets, parkas, tunics and greatcoats. We've a huge selection of wholesale clothing, from armies and police units around the world. Genuine army surplus jackets and smocks, parkas, coats, greatcoats and more. New, used and repaired wholesale army surplus jackets from GI Surplus.

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GI Surplus section for wholesale army surplus jackets, military parkas and woolen greatcoats

Sections in Coats

Parkas and Smocks only
This is our collection of parkas and smocks. Please click this Jackets with hoods

Jackets without hoods
This is our collection of jackets and other hoodless jackets. Please click this Jackets with hoods link to view coats with hoods. ...

Jackets with hoods
This is our collection of parkas, smocks, anoraks and other hooded jackets. Wholesale military clothing from GI Surplus. Please click this Jacke...

Dress Jackets | Uniforms
This is our selection of dress and short uniform coats and jackets. Wholesale greatcoats and trench coats from GI Surplus.

Greatcoats | Wool Jackets | Trenchcoats
This is our selection of heavy trench, great and overcoats. Wholesale greatcoats and trench coats from GI Surplus.

Here's the products we have in Coats

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British Grey Wool Guardsman Greatcoats - Household Division

Wholesale British Army single-breasted Guardsman greatcoats from GI Surplus,...

NATO Olive Combat Jacket

Wholesale NATO Army olive green jackets from GI Surplus, military surplus wholesaler ...

British Temperate DPM Camo Jacket

Wholesale Brand new DPM camo temperate p...
Belgian Officers Dress Jacket

Wholesale Belgian Officer's Dress Jacket from GI Surplus, ...

Austrian Army Dress Jacket With Insignia

Wholesale Austrian Army Dress Jackets with insignia from G...
Austrian Alpine Army Combat Jacket

Wholesale Austrian Alp...

German Mountain Dress Jackets

Wholesale German Mountain Dress Jacket from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. ...
Dutch Airforce Blue Bomber Jackets

Wholesale blue airforce bomber jackets f...

Warsaw Pact Senior Officers Grey Wool Greatcoat

Wholesale ex-Soviet bloc wool double-breasted greatcoats from GI Surplus, Ar...

Bulgarian Brown Wool Jeep Jacket

Wholesale brown wool jeep jacket from GI Surplus, Army and...

British/Dutch WWII Battle Dress Jacket

Wholesale British WWII khaki wool battle dress jacket from...
British/Dutch RAF Wool Jacket

Wholesale RAF wool jackets, with cotton lining from GI Surplus, Army ...

German Police Dress Jackets

Wholesale German Police dress jackets fr...
Austrian M65 Combat Jacket

Wholesale Austrian Army combat jackets from GI Surplus, Ar...