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Dress Jackets | Uniforms

This is our selection of dress and short uniform coats and jackets.

Wholesale greatcoats and trench coats from GI Surplus.

Here's the products we have in Dress Jackets | Uniforms

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Austrian Army Dress Jacket With Insignia

Wholesale Austrian Army Dress Jackets with insignia from G...
Belgian Officers Dress Jacket

Wholesale Belgian Officer's Dress Jacket from GI Surplus, ...

British FAD (Future Army Dress) Uniform Jacket

Wholesale current issue No2 dress jackets from the British Army from GI Surplus, Army and Mili...
British No2 Dress Jacket

Wholesale British Army No 2 dress jackets from GI Surplus,...

British/Dutch RAF Wool Jacket

Wholesale RAF wool jackets, with cotton lining from GI Surplus, Army ...
British/Dutch WWII Battle Dress Jacket

Wholesale British WWII khaki wool battle dress jacket from...

French Grey Blouson Jacket

Wholesale French stylish light grey blouson jacket from GI...

German Military Dress Jacket

Wholesale German Military Dress jackets ...
German Military Dress Jacket with Insignia

Wholesale grey German dress jackets from GI Surplus, Army ...

German Mountain Dress Jackets

Wholesale German Mountain Dress Jacket from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. ...
German Police Dress Jackets

Wholesale German Police dress jackets fr...