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This is our selection of heavy trench, great and overcoats.

Wholesale greatcoats and trench coats from GI Surplus.

Here's the products we have in – Greatcoats | Wool Jackets | Trenchcoats

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Austrian Grey Trench Coat

Wholesale Austrian double-breasted trench coat from GI Surplus, Army Surplus...
British Grey Wool Guardsman Greatcoats

Wholesale British Army single-breasted guardsman greatcoat...

British/Dutch RAF Wool Jacket

Wholesale RAF wool jackets, with cotton lining from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus Wholesalers. ...
Bulgarian Brown Wool Jeep Jacket

Wholesale brown wool jeep jacket from GI Surplus, Army and Military Surplus ...

Dutch Military Classic Beige Trench Coat

Wholesale beige Gabardine trench coats from GI Surplus, Ar...
German Navy Gabardine Peacoat

Wholesale German Navy Gabardine Peacoat from GI Surplus, A...

Italian Grey Gaberdine Cotton Trench Coats

Wholesale Italian grey Gabardine coats from GI Surplus, Army Surplus Military Wholesaler. ...
Swedish Army Grey Wool Jacket

Wholesale Swedish grey woollen army jackets from ...

Warsaw Pact Other Ranks Grey Greatcoats

Wholesale ex-Soviet bloc wool greatcoats...
Warsaw Pact Senior Officers Grey Wool Greatcoat

Wholesale ex-Soviet bloc wool double-breasted greatcoats from GI Surplus, Ar...

British Grey Wool Guardsman Greatcoats - Household Division

Wholesale British Army single-breasted Guardsman greatcoats from GI Surplus, Army and Military...